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Asthma Affects Patients for a Lifetime, Says Study


People with asthma have a greater risk of dealing with chronic lung disease throughout their life, according to the results of a new Canadian study.  Additionally, the study research showed that asthma is especially a problem among elderly patients.

Dr Lee Rusakow pulmonologist, who treats children for asthma, a respiratory chronic disease that affects nearly 9 million children, according to statistics from Medline Plus, helps children live a normal life while dealing with asthma.

While the exact cause of asthma is not known, suspected risk factors include having a family history of asthma, being exposed in infancy to high levels of antigens such as house dust mites, and being exposed to tobacco smoke or chemicals.

In this study, researchers followed more than 613,394 people with asthma over 15 years. They found that the most participants experienced asthma after 15 years, specifically 82.3 percent of the study participants.

Lead author, Andrea Gershon, an ICES scientist and respirologist at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Science Centre was stated in a CBC news report that many people that have asthma are interested in knowing how it will affect their health and life long-term.

The findings of the study imply that people that begin to suffer from asthma will have it for the rest of their lives, implying that doctors and patients will have to prepare to manage the condition long term.

Dr Lee Rusakow, who works with pediatric pulmonologist medicaid and Tricare medical programs, offers comprehensive care for childhood asthma and other respiratory conditions.

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