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Spruce up Your Garden with Solar Energy


As solar power technology improves and the industry grows, homeowners have a number of smart and innovative options available to them. Solar panels San Diego experts, for example, offer a wide range of solar energy cooling and heating solutions that even include solar outdoor pool heating systems.  Another great and often overlooked place to add solar energy to your home is in your garden.

Solar energy in the garden and outdoor landscape has added many creative possibilities for night time enjoyment.  Electric lighting is more common since it is more powerful and can be controlled more easily.  But the solar lights that are available today are spurring gardeners to become night time landscape artists.   There are colored spheres with solar batteries that light blue or green at night or even hummingbird shaped lights that rotate through three different colors, which are great complements to solar panels San Diego outdoor pool heaters.

For gardeners that want a romantic setting, they have solar lights in the shape of candles or tiki lights, and spot lights can be positioned to highlight a plant or statue.  For garden water ponds, a floating solar light can add a very dramatic effect at night. Certainly the list of versatile and innovative products will continue to grow as solar garden lights become more popular.

The only hindrance for the gardener is controlling the amount of sun that fuels the solar battery.  Shade gardens will be less able to fully charge the battery and will limit the light duration at night. But over time, the battery technology will improve and create more powerful fuel cells.  So look for solar power to transform your garden into a night time paradise.  Just make sure you also buy mosquito repellent so you can sit outside on a warm summer night with a glass of wine and enjoy the show.


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