Detecting and Treating High FSH Levels Ahead of Time


Though the chances of a woman getting pregnant drop significantly after age 35 and even more so after 40, a great many women are still able to conceive naturally after that age, and many more do so by turning to IVF treatments.

Couples looking to have children later in life can prepare themselves ahead of time for the possibility of infertility by taking a simple blood test. The FSH hormone test measures the amount of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and gives doctors an idea of how sensitive the ovaries are prior to being stimulated. The test can help find the cause of infertility by evaluating egg supply in women and sperm count in men.

In women, FSH helps control the menstrual cycle and the ovaries’ production of eggs, while in men it helps control sperm production. Though the amount of FSH hormone in men normally remains contact, FSH levels vary throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.

When dealing with follicle-stimulating hormone levels, lower numbers are always better. High FSH levels indicate poor ovarian reserve and suggest the eggs have a reduced ability to fertilize.

Women with high FSH levels, however, should not lose hope, as there are simple techniques available for bringing those levels down by improving the health of the ovaries. These include exercise, detoxification, and even acupuncture.

Taking part in activities such as yoga, walking, and low-impact aerobics is a good way to improve blood flow. This ensures that a steady supply of hormones and nutrients is reaching the ovaries and tells your body to stop producing FSH.

Similar to the effects of exercise on the body, acupuncture therapy is also known to increase blood circulation. In addition, research has shown that women undergoing fertility treatments have a somewhat higher chance of conceiving if they are receiving regular acupuncture treatments.

Finally, it is important to cleanse the body of any chemicals that may be disturbing regular hormone production, seeing as less follicle-stimulating hormone is produced when the ovaries are healthy. Establishing better health starts with the foods we eat, and women seeking to lower FSH hormone levels should stay away from caffeine and limit consumption of salty foods, as well as trans and saturated fat. It is also recommended to eat more vegetables and take plenty of vitamins and iron.

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